SawKenn's international marketing team is seeking the world news regularly to translate and offer recent information for the medical professional.

™“ûŠà”­¶—¦‘啝Œ¸(The New York Times 2006.12.15)

™BOTOX‚ÆŠO‰ÈŽèp‚ð‘g‚ݍ‡‚킹‚½ŠvV“IŽ¡—Ã-UT Southwestern Medical Center News 2007.02.27

™”ü—eŽ{p‚Ì‘‰Á|Ä‚Ñ (Washington Post 2007.03.10)

™”畆[“UÜ‚É‚æ‚鍇•¹Ç‚ÌŽ¡—ÑI‘ðŽˆ (Aesthetic Surg J 2006; 26:356-364)


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