SawKenn 乳房インプラント製品、乳房再建情報をはじめ、海外の最新美容・形成外科情報を国内医師向けに提供しています

SawKenn Co., Ltd. is the first line of support for surgeons and physicians in Japan. We are committed to providing the latest news and access to the overseas products for plastic surgery and other areas of medical practice to the Japanese market.


☆ FDA 乳房インプラント:  よく聞かれる質問と回答(豊胸・乳房再建
  ☆  FatX core(ファットエックスコア)

                            Our Products 海外メーカーとの深い結びつきにより、国内医療機関の多様なニーズにお応え致します
Through special partnerships with overseas manufacturers to meet the specific needs of doctors in Japan, we are able to exclusively provide various products for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Special Products

Breast Implants

We can also provide information on other Silicon Gel Implants made in the US and Europe. Please feel free to contact us.

Other Products       


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